What to Expect from a Giant

Meet Our Breed

A Companion.

Giants will demand to be a part of their owner's life and family.



The Giant is a very physical Working breed that  needs plenty of exercise and play time.



Giants are clever and intelligent, therefor socialization and training are a must for this protective breed.  

About Golden State Giant Schnauzer Club

  • The Golden Gate Giant Schnauzer Club (GSGSC) is a regional AKC Sanction B Specialty Club. The parent club is the Giant Schnauzer Club of America.
  • GSGSC is based in Northern California serving the Western Region of the United States. 
  • Preserve and improve the character and conformation of the Giant Schnauzer.
  • Conduct dog shows, obedience trials and sanctioned matches. P
  • Protect and advance the quality of the breed.