GSCA Western Regional Specialty and Supported Entry
Power Packed Weekend  4 show weekend May 18-20, 2018
May 18, 2018  GSCA Specialty

Sweepstake Judge:  Ken O’Brien
Obedience/ Rally Judge: Cathy Dutra
Breed Judge:  Mary Lou  Just
Show Secretary : Judy Wilson:

Northern California Working Dog- May 18, 2018
Supported Entry: Judge: Rick Gschwender
Kathleen Davis
PO BOX 22107, C/O MBF
GREENSBORO NC 27420-2107
(336) 379-9352

Coyote Hills Kennel Club
May 19 th- Supported Entry  : Judge: Michel Chaloux
May 20 th -  Supported Entry: Judge Frandel Brown


MB-F Inc.
P O Box 22107
Greensboro NC 27420
PHONE: (336) 379-9352 FAX:(336) 272-0864

RV parking available

Airport accessible from SFO, Oakland and Sacramento

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